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Hi all,

I'm having a brain block whilst sitting at school trying to plan for next week!

Does anyone have any good ideas for maths activities linked to the story of Little Red Riding Hood??

Any ideas welcome!!...:D


Catherine xxx

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I'll have a go xD

Have you got a mini rover or similar? Can you draw a map on the floor and then programme in the moves to get from RRH house to granny's. Or is that a bit KUW?!

When she gets there and says all the stuff, what big ears you have, ask how many. Same with teeth etc.

What about making up a basket counting how many things go in it. What if RRH stayed for tea, how many more sandwiches, apples would they need?

Could you make a board game using a dice to get through the woods to grannys house?



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not sure the age of children-few top of head

Something to do with the basket based on weight and whether RRH would beable to carry it

Packaging for the cake so it doesn't get squashed

Time for the journey via different routes

Compare size of wolfs teeth/eyes/ears to RRH using size vocab big and small

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