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Our science co-ordinator is coming to do a lesson observation this week. Anyone got any good ideas for 'knowledge and understanding' activities. Our topic is animals and last week we visited a farm so we're doing lots of farm related activities. We watched a cow being milked - so all the children know we get milk from cows. I thought we could talk about how we get different foods from animals (possibly omitting the very large bacon sandwich that stayed asleep our whole visit!) I was wondering about making different flavoured milk shakes - possibly banana and strawberry using syrups or powder, and some using 'real' bananas and strawberries. The children could mash up the bananas and strawberries - talking about changes, then taste them and compare how they taste, which they prefer etc.


Another thought is to try making some butter - I did this years ago using the cream off the top of full cream milk - but it took quite a while to get a little lump (this was actually more exciting - but the children weren't in reception).


Organisationally I don't know whether to have all children doing a science related activity or just one group while the others do creative/role play, whether to have different groups doing different activities - one group making milk shakes, one butter, one something else and then to share what they've done in a final session!!


As you can see ... I need help. I hate being observed. :o


Hope someone can help!!!

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I have seen 15 minute icecream done (but not by me I hasten to add) but it does take a lot of shaking. Having said that the kids were gobsmacked, and were quite happy to do the shaking.... :D


what size class or group are you talking about?

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Dear Harricroft


Milk shakes sound great :D


Only thing I can think of is chickens and eggs although probably a good idea to hard boil them if the children are handling them. :o



You could talk about where they come from and how we use them in baking etc as well as eating them on their own cooked in different ways. You could then let the children decorate some to extend activity with a creative/art theme.



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Thanks for the quick replies mundia and Sue. :D


15 minute ice-cream - I don't know about the children I think I (& science co-ordinator) would be gobsmacked - can you remember how it was done?


The egg thing would be good too - we could even cook them in a variety of different ways and compare the end results - it's just time really isn't it - that could probably be a whole weeks work.


P.s. I have a reception class of 24 with a nursery nurse.



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Ages ago this thread, but I have just found the recipe for 15 minute ice cream that I was going on about. So here goes.


you need


290ml/ half pint milf (full cream)

driop vanilla essence

2 tbsp caster sugar


put ingredients in a plastic baag annd seal it securely

In larger bag, put in 3-4 handfulls of ice and 2tsp salt.

put the ice cream bag inside the larger one and seal it securely.

wrap in a tea towl and shake vigourously for 15 minutes.


Thats it. If you want to double the quantities for a larger group, set off 2 rather than combining or it will take much longer to freeze.

It does need vigorous shaking, but we passed it round the chidlren so they all had a go. It was nice to not have to say 'be gentle'- just make sure the plastic bags are strong enough.


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Sounds good Mundia. I'll try and rememebr that one. I have made butter with the cream from full fat milk, many years ago.

Similar sort of principle shake milk/ cream in a screw top jar, until it solidifies.

Used to do it at harvest time and put on "homemade" bread.

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Will try the 15 minute ice-cream - though I don't know whether I'll share it with the children :o (only kidding!)


The science lesson went well - we ended up with 3 groups making milkshake - one with banana's, one with raspberries and one group making banana milkshake with powdered milkshake mix. Lots of discussions about how things were changing etc. The children then tasted each milkshake and chose their favourite - guess which won!!


We also had a milking competition which was great fun. We pierced some first aid gloves (tiny holes with a fine needle) then filled the gloves with water and fastened off the top. The children had to work in pairs - one being the cow, holding the uthers firmly, the other was the farmer and had to pull and squeeze on the 'udders' aiming carefully (sometimes!) into a bucket. The children really enjoyed this - it was great fun and all the children were using the word 'udder' by the end.


Must stop 'playing' on the internet and get back to report writing. xD



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