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Hi Debbie,


Firstly I am going to move this topic into the NVQ part of the training. :o


Perhaps you could be more specific about what you need help with? Do you need a proforma for writing up your reflective accounts, or general help on what to include and how to cross reference to the standards? This is something that your assessor should help you with and is part of their job. xD

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Hi Debbie, Did you mean the headings, I have just found the following on a sheet I got last week at college ( only just started my NVQ)


Brief account of the activity. What did I do?


How did I do it?


Why did I do it?


What did the children learn? Link to the learning outcomes.


How do others in your setting do the same task?


Your evaluation of the activity. Why did it work or not work?


What would you change for the next time or do differently?

Hope that helps.

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Guest cathy m

A reflective account is about you writing about something that happened in your setting and it's used for evidence for pc's or knowledge evidence. Your assessor should have some pro formas for you to use, as all colleges probably use slightly different versions



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this is the one i've been using.


Su x

Welcome to the Forum Su!

How impressed am I - first post and you can attach a file and everything! (this shows my lamentable lack of skills with doing anything other than expressing my opinion on this forum. I'm not being patronising - honestly, dear).



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