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Christmas Play (iknow Its Early!)


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Can anyone help with suggestions of some Christmas play / nativity that we can do this year??? It is for Nursery to Year2 (approx 45 children), the Head has asked if we can do it again this year due to staffing changes in the Junior department

We did it last year and (2 years before that) when we have made up our own versions of the Nativity story choosing known songs and tunes.

We like all children to take part ( lots of angels and animals!!!) with the older children taking the main speaking/narrating parts.

Has anyone used a really good published play that they could suggest?


I KNOW its early but after half term we will only have six weeks to make costumes, practice and then perform on the 7th week. I need to sort it now, for my own sanity!!!




Vicky (Ho, ho,ho)

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WE used Minty Mouse last year for 50 reception children.... from frantic productions....

Basic story... Minty is a mouse who loves mints..... he overhears the owners of the bookshop where he lives with his family over talking about a very special tail.... he thinks its his tail and worries that its not special enough..... when in fact it is the nativity story.....


There are loads of parts and the whole school and parent thoughly enjoyed it I would recomend to anyone.... very easily adapted for more or less children..... easy to learn and fun songs and the traditional nativity story. We are a church school and do our nativities in the church and even the Rev. enjoyed it.


Have a look.





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Guest tinkerbell

We have 45 children too.R 15 yr1 15 yr2 15

Out of the ark are great productions .last year we did Tinsel, a story about a lonly christmas tree.This year we are going for Tea-towels and tinsel.

We divide the playup into Allyear2 having speaking parts

Year1 dancing (sometimes add one in of our own)

R tableaux of the Nativity.

This format ensures as the children go through school they all have parts to play.


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Thanks everyone, will try and have a look at all suggestions.


Tinkerbell we do basically the same as you, but not used to doing it 2 yrs in a row.


Kids, parents and granparents love it - so do I especially when its over!!!

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