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New To Reception Teaching!


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I'm new to Reception teaching (I taught year 1 before) & I'm feeling a bit lost! :o


I was just wondering if anyone would mind outlining how a day runs in their reception class?


We have changed our timetable & from tomorrow we are going to have continuous provision for 9am - 10am & then focused writing input from 10am - 10.30am.

Then it will be continuous provision for the rest of the morning with focused writing activites.


We do counting rhymes & phonics before lunch.


Afternoon is continuous provision with 2 focused activites.


We have 2 reception classes, but the children have access to both classrooms, so it's more of a reception unit. (the other reception teacher is also fairly new to the foundation stage!)


I just want to make sure we are on the right track & if we're not - what we might need to do to improve things!


It would be really useful to see how other Reception classes organise their day.


Thanks. xx

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Hi Sally - sounds good to me but I'm not an expert in Reception I'm afraid...just wanted to welcome you to the forum! :o Someone with more expertise will be along in no time I'm sure- you've come to the right place for advice and help! xD

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Guest moodia


afraid im of no help either as i am in the same boat as you....Most of all im confused about what to do with the 14 pupils that stay all day, without making the others loose out.

We have just started phonics and started using a stricter planning format this week its starting to feel like mad rush in the mornings and not much getting done in the afternoons.

Let me know how you get on.



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Thanks for the welcomes!


The day seemed to run a bit smoother today, but I still worry that they aren't learning anything! I'm sure they are - it's just a bit of a shock after the structure of year 1!


Any more tips will be greatfully recieved! :o

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