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Special Needs And Ict


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looking at ICT and the wonderfull things that can be done for the wide ranges of ability there are often ways to adapt most activities to include special needs children

but what about children with visual problems, what adaptations and provision is available?

does any one have experiences they can share?

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A friend who is partially sighted has their screen magnified, has screen reading software installed on the computer and has a trail set on her mouse pointer so she knows where it is.

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I run an Assessment Nursery in a special school in Abingdon.


ICT is always a problem for me because the children I work with are functioning between P2 and P5. I have a computer in class with a touch screen and a variety of switches for cause and effect programs. The problem is that the programs that I have at this level are so boring.


I needs programs that are exciting that will make the children want to reach out and experience them.


Does anyone have any experience in this line and can advise me? :o


I would like especially to hear from anyone working with children at a similar level to mine to swap ideas.


Thank you in anticipation. :D



Rosie Jackson xD

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I have just noticed that you have suggested the BECTA web site. I will have a look and see if I can find something more stimulating for my little ones. thanks.

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Just a thought, have you explored the Hitchams website which is superb for Foundation?

Haven't looked at it from your perspective.

I also did a Google search which gave me lots to look at ---Foundation Stage ICT.



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I am an advanced TA working with a blind child in main stream school ,I have had the same problem finding games that respond to the key board. I have found two programs

Crash bang wallop

talking stories

Mail me if i can be any more help


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Hi Jackie -

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting! :D


I'd be interested in hearing more about the programs if you can describe them briefly. I was also wondering whether there were any programs that made use of the kind of sensory feedback you can experience on some joysticks and gamepads. You know, buzzing and bumping - that kind of thing. Have you ever come across anything like that?


Welcome again.


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Here's a site that might be of some interest to you - I stumbled across it and stuck it up on the resources page. It seems to have lots of articles and tutorials - also loads of software, including (this one might be interesting for you Rosie!) software suitable for PMLD.


You can get to the site here


Let me know what you think! :)

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Hope this may be of some interest


Have you also been to the widgit website - I think its www.widgit.co.uk or could be .com


With PMLD children I think ICT starts with attention and switch work in multisensory dark room. Also using/operating moving projected images. The inclusive technology site will give lots of info on equipment etc. I also find the dark room excellent for children with visual difficulties - it is amazing what attracts their attention.




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And just to give you another link related to the inclusive technology one above, I was contacted by the Inclusive Technology people to let you know about this one, dedicated to SEN ICT Training: www.inclusive.net. They have a page of very useful links to other online resources as well, which you can get to by clicking here.


Steve. :D

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RNIB will be albe to help with your enquiries, they have technology officers who deal specifically with finding what is available, they have offices in Birmingham and Peterborough or if you dial their helpline on 08457 669999 they will be able to direct you to the right department.

They also produce a termly magazine called eye contact (which is available from RNIB in Peterborough tel: 0115 852 6736) they cover curriculum issues and i know that one quite recently was on ICT/Technology.


In practice i have developed my own resources using powerpoint - you can download pictures, scan images and add sound effects - these can all be specifically designed to meet each childs needs.

and believe or not it is quite simple.

I hope this is useful



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