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HI I am new to the foundation stage and have been asked to make some weather boxes!!! I have some ideas ( not too many xD ) but hope you will be able to point me in the right direction.

Also establishing role play in the outdoor area, and how to plan for this :( i know this is a lot to ask of you all but really hoping you can help :( My role is Early Years Educator in a reception clASS. tHANKS :o

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Hi Supporting 2 teachers and 2 T.A's with responsibility for early years intervention and 1 area of the curriculum!!! Never done any planning before though so feel a bit panicky and cant think straight!!!!!

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Early Years Educator... is that another name for a teacher??


Featherstone do a little book of... I thinkn boxes for outdoor play

Windy Day box- kites/wind sock/ chiffon scarves/windmills/ etc I am sure there is a link here somewhere to a booklet on outdoor provision that has suggestions to weather boxes

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Windy Day box

windmills .......large garden type and hand held

ribbons attached to curtain rings to fly in the wind







foam frisbees

cheerleader pompoms

nearly forgot kites and one of those super light fabric balls. The parachute isn't in the box but we use it on windy days too.



rainy day box


tarpaulins to sit under and listen to the rain


containers to collect the rain

rain guage

oil and food colouring to add to puddles

foil containers (like you get from the take away) listen to the sound of rain plopping into them

chalks to draw around puddles

paint for 'real' water colour painting we did the shed with poster paint in the rain

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This is something I downloaded from Leicestershire Council website. It has some stuff in resources at the back with ideas for weather boxes. You need acrobat to open it, that's the format from the council site. It's got some really good info about learning outdoors. Hope it helps.




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