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Structure Of Day In Reception/fsu.


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Hi all,


Was wondering if there is any guidance easily accessible about how a day should be structured in reception, with regard to the new framework. We have been asked to do a discrete Literacy and Numeracy lesson each day, and teach Letters and Sounds separately. We need ideas on how to make this work :o


Hope there is some advice out there, as we are finding it difficult.



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Hi there Annie. Are you in an FS unit?

There isnt 'guidance' as such, as there are many many different ways of doing things which a quick read around the forum will soon tell you.

There does seem to be a push for the wheel going full circle back to the literacy and numeracy lessons of 10 years ago, and my last school was going down this route after a bad OFSTED.

There was a previous conversation about this



We were advised to focus on literacy and numeracy on alternate days making sure that every child had a focussed adult led input in one or the other each day. I am not sure how well it is working, what I didn't really like was the fact that we were advised to have both adults (when we had two) working with a focus group for most of the time.


We fit in letters and sounds at different times each day according to when we also had to attend assemblies, often we did this just before/after snack time, it seemed to work well then.


I am sure that other members will be along to share what works for them.

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