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Well i started my degree this week and am wondering what i have taken on. I already have a 4000 word essay, a 2000 word essay and an ICT presentation all by beg december. I want to buy a couple of books but the reading list is really long, could anyone recommend a couple of books i can buy, the rest i'll try and get from the library. No idea how i'm going to fit this in

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Much empathy from me to I went back today to start the 2nd year and also have loads of work, loads of books to get and a very buzzy head! xD



Same here come Friday I will be in the same boat. Oh well beats being bored every day at the moment. :o



Simcity - books can depend upon the modules you are taking in each semister. I have about 6 or more books with more to follow however most will see me well in both levels and for most modules I will be doing. PM if you need help.




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I'd wait til you can get to the library and see which books you can get your hands on


rather that buying whole text books consider spending on photo coping chunks from books as and when you need then you can then scribble notes and highlight all over them and bin them when your done I found this alot more cost effective as when you get into the third year the lecturers want to see references to journals and research rather that text books


one book I found useful throughout was

Understanding Children’s Development 4th Edition

Smith P K Cowie H Blades M (2003) . Blackwell Publishing:Oxford


also think about journals or some of the early years magasines these are right up to date I used Early years educator and found there where quite good articles to quote from. again there should be copies in the libraries for you to photo copy the bits you need.

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I agree with what previous people said regarding assignments, modules and library availability. Also your own particular viewpoint is relevent too. I found I used Starting with the Child, by Julie Fisher, The Foundation Stage Teacher in Action by Margaret Edgington in every assignment.


Smith, Cowie and Blades is good for the heavy stuff and also as a start point for further reading.


I used my local library too and ordered books through them before I brought them to see how relevent they would be. ( Another advantage to this was I could keep the books longer than the college library too!)


Good Luck



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Strictly speaking you have to be careful about copying - copyright etc.


Something we found particularly useful was Google books - you can search for subject headings or key words and look in books at the various pages on which the subject or word is contained. This is incredibly useful for quotes or just to find a pathway to more information.


Check with your college/uni library to see which journals they subscribe to - many have online search facilities which is even better - no need to wait for the hard copies to come through! I found that my college library would order journal articles from the British Library - and although I had to pay, they subsidised it quite heavily so that was a bonus!


I've just had an email from my tutor asking if I have any books I'd like to sell to the next lot of students - so it might be worth asking if your college will do something similar!



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