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Hello, sorry me again! has anyone got any good recipies for the under threes!

i think it would be great fun to do some cooking with this age group! (but i am sure it will be dead messy!!)


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This isn't really 'cooking ' but is always popular.

We let each child have a rich tea biscuit, put icing on it and then decorate it with sweets , sprinkles etc etc.

Messy but nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or chocolate cornflakes cakes not original but again always popular.

or small marshmallows , melted chocolate on top and a smartie on top of that . very yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of our children brought the marshmallow idea into playgroup about five years ago and I made some for my daughters sleepover birthday party that year , five years later and her birthday just wouldn't be the same without them.

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How about the children making one individual cake each.


Give each child a marg tub or bowl and a teaspoon. Next give everyone:


1 tbs SR flour

1 tsp soft marg

1 tsp sugar

a few currants or sultanas

2 tbs (approx) milk/egg mixture (use 2 eggs in 1 pint milk)


The children mix up all these ingredients and spoon it into a baking case. (Stick name tag inside each bun)

Bake tray of buns (gas 6 for about 10 mins) If you use 1 pint milk it will make about 16-18 little cakes.


We have just made 'butterfly sandwiches -

Cut slice of bread into half (triangle), butter it and cut into half again (each child had just half a slice) butter it and join at the points, so it resembles butterfly wings. Put thin strip raw carrot down middle for the body and let the children choose decorations for wings. (mini marshmallows, smarties, raisins, jellies, etc.) They place the sweets 'symetrically'. Then they have fun eating it.


At Christmas time we make 'reindeer' sandwiches. Same idea - half slice bread (triangle) covered in choc spread or marmite, red cherry on the point of the triangle for his nose, mini marshmallows for his eyes and twiglets or matchmakers for antlers. Yummy!!!! :D:D


Always check for allergies obviously.


Sue J

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How about pizza toast. Each child has their own slice of bread, spread with tomato puree, top with some grated cheese, sprinkle with herbs, drizzle on some olive oil and put under the grill. We make this and then the children eat it at break time. Might be tricky with under 3's though.

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Some lovely ideas here. My children are always amazed by our popcorn maker.

I have bought some ready made icing in squeezy tubes they are a bit expensive but the children enjoy using them and changing the patterns. I have some chocolate moulds that can be filled with melted chocolate and left to set.I have also used our moulds that we use to make "plaster of paris" fridge magnets.

We have let children add liquid flavouring to their drinks and of course there is jelly to make and decorate. I let each child pour their jelly mix into a cake case.

I wish I hadn't started thinking about this as now I have just got to do a cooking activity tomorrow!!!!!! Mnnnn your marshmellow activity springs to mind Hotgoss.

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The thing to remember with under 3's is that they are very 'hands on'! :o Whatever you do make sure it is safe for them to eat raw and have some consideration for the poor parents who may have to take it home and try it!! I always try and make sure that each child creates and takes home their own cooking. If things are cooked the chance of cross infection is zilch but the thought of having to try some other childs snotty nosed creation is a big put off for me. :( Sorry to lower the tone of the thread. xD

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Guest Tredworth

Thank you for the individual cake recipe. It's something I've been planning but never got round to calculating amounts and testing. So much better for the children to measure their own ingredients and make their own cake!

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Hope you've had chance to try some cooking with the children!

This idea is similar to the icing biscuits, but a bit healthier (bit of a buzz word in our school at the mo!) The children spread dairy lee on onto cream crackers and decorate them with cucumber and raisins! They really enjoyed making them (and eating!)

I also remember making traffic light sandwiches when I was at school! All you need is something red (tomato?, green (lettuce? and orange (grated carrot cheese). Cut the bread into soldiers and cut out three circles on the top piece of bread so the colours can be seen! Hope that makes sense it's been a long day!

Last week we made a giant's birthday cake (just a normal cake mix, but 3 layers. The children decorated it with icing pens and cherries. Unfortuantely the giant was unable to make it to the party, but we saved him a piece and he left a thankyou note on a giant piece of paper! (our book focus for the week was the hungry giant's birthday party) Today we made fairy cakes (in chocolate/sweet cases) and surprise surprise, the children will find a tiny thankyou note from a fairy in the morning!

Good luck!


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