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I would want to know how well they related to young children, and if they are going to be there working around the children.

I know a cleaner that the children where quite scared of, and would tell the kids off for making a mess etc!!!

Also I think cleaning in nursery requires flexability and the ability to do things differently eg

If your emptying the bins and they are full of trains- dont throw them away!!

Ditto all the little bits of lego, jigsaw peices, brio that get sweeped up at the end of the day- we need them back!! Yes it is a pain to pick them out of the dustpan but we NEED them.


Are there specifice skills that a cook needs? Obviousy they need hygiene ceritficate but often being a good home cook produces better results than someone out of catering college who cant nessarily cook normal food.

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