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Help Needed - Interview Presentation


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Hello all


I have just got a letter saying i have been invited for interview as Day Care Manager for over 3's in a Children's Centre.


I have to give a presentation (!), and was just looking for a few suggestions...


The topic is...


In your role of Day care Manager, what would be your priority in the first 6 months of taking up the post?


I have a few ideas on what to say but the presentatin is 10 minutes and am a bit stalled! any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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I am a manager of day care within a childrens centre and if I needed to do another presentation would look at effective communication with parents, staff and within the centre, multi agency working, making the daycare accessible to the community, ways of encouraging parents to take ownership of the setting, how to reach hard to reach families (travellers, ethnic minoritys, dads e.t.c) If I can be of any more help feel free to message me. If you go on the surestart website there are some very good documents to download. Good Luck

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I had to do a very similar thing when I went for my last nursery manager post, which was also in a children's centre, but it was about my vision for the nursery. I focused on:


getting to know my team;

my parents;

my children.


Attached is the powerpoint I used, however, I did lots of ad-libbing, to elaborate on the points (I went well over my 10 mins!).


I also plucked a quote from the last Ofsted and used that.


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I would say make sure you know what the core offer is and how agencies are supposed to work together. If you look at the Sure Start website there's a fair bit on children's centres.

There's also some practice guidance for the running of children's centres and there's a bit in it about day care - probably worth a read.

Definitely look at engaging with families - links with Job centre plus, skills for life etc too!

Feel free to message me if I can help at all - best of luck!

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