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Hi, just doing the last bits of paperwork before going back tomorrow & have just updated the sheet we use for dietry, medical conditions etc. I thought it would be a good idea to have a brief paragraph for other members of staff, students etc to read & get an understanding of the requirement.

i.e vegetarian ...............................

lactose intolerance.........................

peanut allergy...............................

etc etc

Does anyone have any I could use please??

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Maybe you could do a google search with each heading. I am thinking though that each child is so individual it may be unwise to have a blanket comment.


Define from parents what they mean by 'intolerant' compared to 'allergic' as sometimes these statements can be over used or confused. On the other hand a child with a nut allergy, for example, may be very sensitive, nuts used on production line but not in food, nuts eaten by child next to them - or the allergy may only be if the child consumes the nuts his/herself.


I think it would be a good idea for you to use the headings then write a note as to what it means per child for staff / student info.



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I am been quite cheeky Mrs B but if you where willing would love to see how you set your sheets out, I am in the process of having to update mine along with lots of other paperwork.



Not cheeky at all.......here is a blank copy for you

This is the sheet that is up in the kitchen area for all the staff to see. We also have this information on the child's information sheet that is kept in their file



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Thats a really good idea. As a family of vegetarians I get quite frustrated by peoples assumptions about what we will and won't eat. It's not so bad now that all of our children are older but is difficult when they're young and don't understand so well. Meat itself is obvious but 'hidden' animal products are more difficult to explain. And since every family is different, blanket assumptions should not be made. :o

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