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Hey all. Hope you can help me (once again!). Am on an NQT evening course and am preparing to do a research project on Observations and Assessment in the Foundation Stage (with particular focus on EAL). I was wondering if any of you could give me guidance on any fantastic (!) ways you have been able to report on EAL development in the Reception year.


My original research topic was going to be focusing on the EAL development in a Reception class, but have found that the masses of energy I have put into observation and assessment this year I feel I have a great deal of 'paperwork' that would help inform my project!


Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


D xxx

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thought id bring this back up for attenion, as my brain into addled at the moment.

hopefully when the brain starts working agian, Ill have an idea.


Presumablay you have seen the Vicky Hutchin book about observing and assessing genearlly?

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