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hi all just put my policy pack together and was wondering if I have all policies Ofsted require would you mind checking for me and letting me know if I need any more to cover requirements. Thanks in advance :oxD



children's records



emergency procedure

equality and diversity

equipment and resources

fire safety

food and drink

health and safety

hygiene and infection

missing child

non collection of children

operational policy of outings

parental involvement

safeguarding children


settling in

sickness and admistration

alcohol drugs and smoking

staffing and employment

student placement

arrivals and departure

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Has anyone got an Environmental Policy I could look at please?

Or any suggestions what to include.


Lady from our Early Years team

hinted we should have one!

Have some ideas but need help.





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Good list. xD


I think we should have just 2 policies entitled


Every Child Matters...and

Every adult too :(


The following may be included within your headings....and not all of them Ofsted requirements but seen as good practice.




Seasonal attenders ( ie in my area we have seasonal, mainly polish workers, with children)

NEG grant / code of practice / administration / L.A. requirements

Training / professional development policy

Working with other agencies

Record Keeping / Data protection (law) / Freedom of Information Act (law)

Transitions policy

Toileting Policy

Fees Policy

Quality Assurance policy

Communications Policy

Advertising Policy

Marketing Policy

Fundraising Policy

Safeguarding staff against allegations

Redundancy / sustainability / contingency policy

Severe weather policy


I'm sure there are more :o




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my my what is it all coming too.... :o i wont be able to store my resources soon because of all the paper work... xD


why do we have to have so many (well i do no why!) ...i wouldnt want to be an inspector and read through them all, i dont think any parent has ever picked up my 'op plan'...they take one look at it and say i'll look another day then if there is a problem and we state the procedure is blah blah blah they never say oh yes i read it when you gave me my welcome pack, half the time they cant remember what time we close :(



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