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:( ok, so I've sorted out the keyworker groupsfor September allowing staff to have some non-contact time to keep up with their obs etc.....this has now opened up a can of worms with the staff rota. We will have 5 staff in everyday this includes myself so I would like to be able to have some office/paperwork time!!! :o I was thinking about allowing 15 mins a day for key group times so this will obviously have to be taken into account.


This is how our session normally runs::::


9.00 welcome & self register 1 x staff

9.15 - 9.30 settle in and free play indoors 2 x staff

(2 x staff setting up outside)

9.30 - 11.15 free play inside/outside (inc adult led activity) 2 x staff in 2 x staff out

(10.30ish rolling snack bar 1 x staff)

11.15 circle time 1/2 staff

11.30 hometime 1 x staff on door/1 x staff supervising children


11.30 - 12.30 ( lunch club) some children arrive for lunch and afternoon session


The afternoon runs the same!


Do you have a staff rota or let the staff use their own initiative!!!! (have done this before and can cause a few problems!!!!) xD


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We have staff rotas.


Someone is rotaed (i don't think thats spelt right!) on for register every day. So it is someone different each day of the week but the same for every week. i.e. I will do register every Monday.


Someone does packaway

Someone does physical time, nappies, letting parents in etc etc etc


We find that we have to rota staff onto jobs, otherwise you will get the same ones doing the 'easy jobs' and avoiding jobs they don't like.


Our staff prefer to have a rota, that way they know week-in-week-out what days they are doing certain jobs and they can just get on with them, it helps the session flow much easier. :o

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We have a daily plan/staff rota - our routine is as follows:-


9.10 - 9.30 Registration - two members of staff (two other staff completing set up and setting up outdoors)

9.30 - 10.40 Free play including half hour outdoor play - one staff on adult led, others deployed as numbers demand (ie mix between indoor and outdoor play

10.40 - 10.50 Tidy up time for all children and staff

10.50 - 11.00 Phonics/story time - group splits into two based on age with one or two members of staff

11.00 - toilet time before snack.

11.30 Group splits into mixed age/gender groups for circle time/physical activities

12.00 Group joins together for home time with two members of staff before going home at 12.10 (unless staying for lunch).


When staff are not deployed to work directly with staff they do packing away, washing up etc.


We don't currently do key group time, but we are looking at doing this after snacktime - so all of the above timings will change.


I agree about the necessity of having a rota - otherwise nothing gets done because everyone assumes someone else will do it! And its a good way of ensuring that staff get a decent amount of non-contact time during the session to recharge their batteries. And so that the same people aren't always stuck in the kitchen or packing the cupboard away at the end of the session - especially those of us who have been in setting up in the morning.



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we have a rota - ensures that there is someone in each area / covering each 'job' at all times e.g. who is indoors or outdoors, who is doing the focus activity / managing the independent activities. Also ensures everyone has turn in all roles and thus children see all staff in all roles.


Staff are happy with this and does mean you can prepare yourself in advance e.g. wrap up warm if you know its your turn outside! (winter!).

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