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Doing my planning for nect week and one of this weeks objectives from the NNS is to talk about and recreate symmetrical patterns in the environment and other cultures


Things i have done in the past are the butterly folding in half paintings, symmetrical shape patterns with 2d and 3d shapes but i am getting bored with these - so the kids must be


Any one any fresh ideas that i can add in?


Thnak You



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Similar to JacquieL's idea of half pictures, why not collect some leaves, cut in half, use a mirror to make them "whole" and then invite the children to draw the other half.


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A nice idea for repeating patterns is to make caterpillar bookmarks. I cut out loads of circles 2p size out of felt and the children glued them together to make a bookmark.

Thet really enjoyed it.

You could do pattern matching.... take photo of a natural pattern and get the children to find where it is from.

Or crating their own wrpping paper using sponges and paint.


Lorna :)

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