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Just wondered whether anyone knows where I can get good quality waterproof trousers at a reasonable price. We've managed to secure funding so that we can buy tousers for all Nursery and Reception so that we can spend as much time outdoors as possible!



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Lucky you!

We have waterproof trousers and jackets for nursery and reception they are a lifesaver! ours are the originals range from Muddy Puddles (they have a website) they are not the cheapest available but are 100% waterproof and very hard wearing (we have had ours for three years now and they are all still going strong)

At the risk of teaching grandma to suck eggs..when you do get yours make sure the children are trained to tuck school trousers in their wellies and pull waterproof ones over the wellies otherwise the water just soaks up the school trouser legs and you still get moany parents!!!

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