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Hello, don't know if these are any use to anyone but thought I would make them available to share. I am just experimenting really with new planning formats for reception. I plan to highlight the objectives covered. Any thoughts/ modifications etc gratefully received. Let me know if they are useful.







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Well done and thanks for sharing. You've been busy!


Im sure those will be very useful but do you really need the statements for the age band prior to 40 months for Reception? I have always planned to ELGs and used the ss for differentiation and LI and I think I will continue to do so. Ultimately, the ELGs (do they have a new name?) are the end of year objectives.

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Guest Wolfie

I have to say that I WOULD include the steps prior to 40 months - it really depends on the children you're working with but where I am, very few children will have acheived the ELGs in some areas by the end of Reception and the earlier steps will be much more approriate for planning.

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Hi all,


I have been havin a play with the EYFS and have come up with a draft development ob plan and evidence sheet.

It still needs a little tweeking but if anyone want to have a play with it you are more than welcome.


I have started at 8-20mnths as my children start with me from 2yrs. The evidence log is what i use already with the foundation curriculum but have adapted it.


I would like to add that I have not attended any of the EYFS training and am just flying by the seat of my pants with what I have drawn up.


Have fun tweeking.


Net x

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Sos for the slow reply Laura, been on hols.

The numbers at the side on the checklist corresponds to the amount of targets or stepping stones.


eg- PSE

Dispositions and attitudes

8-20 mnths - 4 targets/SS

16-26 mnths - 3 targets/SS

22-36 mnths - 6 targets/SS

40-60 mnths - 5 targets/SS


So there will be 3 types of evidence for each target/SS.


I hope this explains


Net x

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