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Observations To Inform Planning


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I understand the observaions informing planning ibut am finding it quite hard to put into practise


We have 50 odd children full day care can anyone share how they observe and put into planning?


Do you have x amount of target children each sessions ie am and pm - what are you observing a particular learning outcome? If so how do you decide what stepping stone to observe,is this taken from your long/medium term plan?


We used to split elgs over 2 years and then do a medium termplan from this and would observe all children in the area of learning for that month/term and then adhoc observations every day.


Do you have an observation ticksheet with all children listed on it so you know whos been or needs observing?


Are you planning from observations done on all children or just target ones?


if this sounds muddled and garbled I wont be suprise as me and all the staff are feeling like this at the mo.

If so could someone just explain their procedure and how it feeds into plnning please.


Thanks x

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When I was at playgroup we had 5 staff, each with a keygroup. We all observed any child while we were sitting at the activities and wrote the obs in the folders, getting together once a fortnight to decide on planning.

We didnt always focus on each child, but used obs from children who showed their had a particular interest or need. Tom loved the train, Jamie loved the bikes, Kylie was always in the home corner. These children had their particular interests followed but at the same time other children benefited. During these times, we saw how others played, what they were interested in and then planned for them. The s/s were applied individually, rather than as a focus for the session, I didnt see how having a focus of a particular s/s would benefit all children, yes we can differentiate, but then we might just as well plan for the child instead.

So while Tom played with the trains we'd be with him jotting down quick notes about his lang, maths, social etc, but also the other children who were there. Each fortnight we could see who hadnt been observed and so they would become the focus for a while, with their particular interests followed.

Over the course of a year all children were observed and had their particular interests and needs met. We facilitated their learning rather than 'taught', following their lead and making resources available that would help them. We still planned stuff like cooking, gardening, craft but mostly it was whatever the children wanted.


I have always been of the mind that children will develop anyway. Some may need help in some areas and some may need more challenges. If we can watch and provide, calling upon others as and when then we will have done all we can.

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