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Pregnancy Risk Assessment


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I've just discovered that a pregnancy/returning to work mothers risk assessment has not been done on one of my staff. I'm knocking one off now but wondered if anyone had one I could look at or can add to my list of risks or even tell me I don't need any of the risks! thanks


Movement and posture

Manual Handling

Extremes of Heat/Cold

Welfare Issues: Rest Hygiene Storage


Hazardous substances

Working time

Work related stress



Thanks I promise once I have one properly put together I'll pop it on here!


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Read somewhere not sure where- might have been this site... about the risk involved with using 'photo copiers' haven't a clue what it is.. fumes comes to mind... but you might want look into it.


but then again - might not have a copiers anyway!!!!!!!!!!



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Illnesses to avoid during pregnancy, german measles is it???




p.s. Please feel happy to share your policy once written, placed in the resource library. Thanks ( cheek I know but why re-invent the wheel!)

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Guest Wolfie

That's a very clear, comprehensive and useful risk assessment which I'm sure will be useful to a lot of people - thank you! :o

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