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Not that we're planning on losing any staff but does anyone have an example of an exit interview form that they would be willing to share. It would be very helpful (why reinvent the wheel?).


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I've got one somewhere, will try to find it asap.


Linda - it's when you discuss reasons for leaving, experience in the employment, relations with colleagues, any problems encountered, etc.


I've only got one because I had a disastrous experience a while ago and couldn't get out quick enough ...what they were trying to get away with didn't bear thinking about. My response, in connection with those of other staff who had left, resulted in a management shake-up and an invitation to return, but I wasn't biting....! :o


try to post or send to you soon,


Sue :D

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Once again, I assumed everyone knew what I was going on about! Sorry - will try harder from now on!


An exit interview is very much current thinking in personnel management, and a valuable tool in staff retention. From what I can remember, it helps you to gain an insight into why someone is leaving so that you can then address any of the issues arising, if any. It is also very important in terms of protecting you from any potential legal issues that might arise, eg constructive dismissal and helps you prove that you have followed procedure in dealing with your staff eg if they have had a verbal or written warning before, but then decide to leave of their own volition. An exit interview form, completed by you and the staffmember and signedby both of you can help avoid things coming back and biting you in the bum!

What reminded me of this was all the talk about a whistleblowing policy on the forum last week - people can use the exit interview as a means of getting things off their chest - things they might have seen/heard.......

Is this any clearer or am I now rambling?


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Thanks for that Lisa and Sue. It's what I thought it might be but have never heard it before. Its a good idea though!


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Hi Everyone


Our exit monitoring form list 9 broad headings for you to write under to give your reasons. They are:


1. Pay & Conditions of Service

2. Training/Development Opprtunities

3.Promotion Prospects

4. Management Style

5. Discrimination/Harrassment

6. Environmental Conditions

7. Health and Safety

8. Caring responsibilities

9. Any Other Reason


You are also asked 2 other questions


1. Which sector you new job is with (if you are taking up a new job)

2.What you have liked about working for the department/company/school

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