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Really Random Question For You All :-)


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okay i said random so here goes lol.


If you have twelve staff in nursery how many staff toilets do you need?, the reason i ask is we all seem to be eternally queing for the toilet :o we only have one, which also doubles up as toddler room changing area as well.


i know there is a requirement for one toilet per ten children, is it the same for staff?



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he Health and Safety Commission Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Approved Code of Practice L24


This accompanies the above legislation and gives detailed advice on good practice to comply with the law. The Code also has statutory status i.e. is compulsory.


In addition to the requirements mentioned above, the Code also states that employers must provide:


* a minimum number of toilets for employees: 1 for 1-5 people, 2 for 6-25 :o and so on. More may be needed to avoid undue delay e.g. if breaks are taken at set times

* privacy for users, including a lock on individual doors, not being able to see into the toilets when exit/entrance doors are opened and obscured windows to prevent people being able to look in from the outside

* disposal facilities for sanitary dressings (for female employees)

* toilet paper in a holder or dispenser

* a coat hook on toilet doors

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