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Pictures - Postive Behaviour


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Hi, can anyone help or point me in the right direction. I'm looking for pictures to make a 'positive behaviour' poster, i.e. remember to walk, have kind hands etc.


I could make one using the children in the setting, but if I could find some pictures to download and print off that would be great & save me time!!!! :o


many thanks


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I went on a course last weekend about positive behaviour management and the tutor was emphasising what a child should do ..... not what they mustn't


She suggested working with the children and asking them how they would like their rules illustrated so they would remember what the rules are - then when a rule is broken, you can take the child to the pictures and remind them what they illustrated and promised


She was really against red crosses or don't dos..... will be changing my poster at the weekend! Flavour of the month is 'I can walk inside' not 'don't run' etc


Hope this helps! Sarahx

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