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Forms for financial support for SENCOs in supporting the transition of children with SEN into school, are available through your Area SENCO.


I have just recieved a form to fill in for supply cover for meetings held with the school that children with SEN from our group will be attending in September. It is a one off payment of £20.00.



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In my area we offer a grant of up to £150 for transition work

this would support any additional work done including visits by school staff to the setting .

this has to be on top of what would already happen.

the money could also be used to support transition in any way -


eg a child with autism

staff to visit school of liaise with them to make a photographs book of key issues in the new setting the child may need addressing or things they might like to learn more about


this could be shared with the child by parents at home of staff in the present setting


the grant is available for any transition

setting to setting

home to setting

or setting to school

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