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I am preparing to meet with one of my room supervisors (I have 5) next week, and want to get the meeting right.


She has a VERY up and down attitude and disposition. It either alters by the day, or sometimes throughout the day. She frequently gives off the impression that she is in a mood or unhappy, and this is having a knock on effect on her room team. She certainly is not motivating them (or the children), and you always wonder when you go in the room what the atmosphere is going to be like.


I have talked to her about it before, and she says she is fine and it's just her way. She's not bored, etc, etc.


Apparently she has been like this for 7 years, and several people have said to me: "She's had so many meetings about this - don't waste your time because nothing changes". This is ludicrous!!! And is exactly the reason why I want to get the meeting right.


I don't want to beat around the bush. I want to be honest in the meeting, and ensure that it is going to bring about a positive change. Therefore, I need to set specific targets, and know how I am going to measure them.


Please can anyone give me some advice on what targets to set - as I am finding it hard to set targets for attitude, as it may be hard for her to alter.


Also, I have had 4 complaints about her from staff in other rooms, and have also had a parent request her child not to be in this staff member's room, and to remain in the room they are in if necessary. Does she need to know about these things????

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We have all recently undertaken appraisals by our committee chairperson. We are currently working through issues as a team. Have you undertaken appraisals, would this be a way round it. We all have had been involved in setting positive targets.

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oh dear, sounds like fun!


i would tell her about the staff and parent complaints, but obviosuly not who made them. maybe it will help to make her realise that her attiitude is a problem and really needs to be addressd.

not sure re targets, guess you could ask her what targets she feels are appropriate so that she feesl she has some ownership over them.


good luck


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Thats a hard one shelley. In effect what you're taking to her about is her personality, and thats not something thats going to be easy to change.

If she's been spoken to about her attitude before and nothing has changed then maybe you could tell her that parents have noticed and have expressed concern that their child might be with her. The lack of motivation could be an angle to use.

Is there a pattern to her behaviour? PMS maybe? If you've never suffered from it knowing how it can affect others can come as a surprise.

Do you suspect that she might have personal problems that she's keeping to herself? I worked with a woman who was secretive even about decorating her house. Never discussd anything outside of work, which isnt necassarily a bad thing but some people get stuck in a rut of dealing with everything on their own.

I know how frustrating it can be to work with people who differ by the day, so I wish you luck :o

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Maybe send her for a health check as shes obviously suffering from mood swings if nothing else. This may show her that its quite serious and maybe she doesnt really realise it herself. Being up and done and inconsistent is also an effect of drug abuse, and even the most unlikely member of staff can be involved in it.


I would definately tell her that over a period of time a parent had requested not to put her child in this member of staffs room, as at the end of the day we are not here for the money are we, so maybe the children might be able to get through to her if she sees its effecting them. Good luck though!

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