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Last year, we had a maths advisor come into school to observe maths throughout the school. She gave us lots of ideas, was quite happy with the Maths in reception and gave me a sample plan for the three terms, suggesting I may like to use it for my planning.


This year, as we've planned we've referred to that document and up until now it fitted in quite well with the ELG's.


This week we sat down to plan the next fortnight's work. Got out the summer numeracy plan and were astonished to see that for the first week we need to do work on numbers to 20 - I'm posting a link to the documents I'm referring to, scroll to the bottom and find the downloadable Reception plans.


I talked to our Maths co-ordinator about it today and she said she feels very in the dark about Foundation Stage Maths, quite naturally! She's pretty worried about how these children will cope with Y1 Maths if we choose to ignore those DFES plans.


I'd very much appreciate everyone's thoughts on this as, previous to this, we'd been assured by our Early Years adviser that the NNS and the FS Maths dovetail together, ha ha!


Here's the link: http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/numeracy/...planning/12848/




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Hi Jessica.


the dfee plans are only meant as a guide, they are not cast in stone and if used, they are meant to be adapted to fit your individual circumstances. Soem children may well be beyond that at the end of the reception year, our children would not yet be there. You know your children best and what is reaosnable to ask of them.


From what I can see, the plans only talk of 'reciting' numbers to 20, not recognising, counting 1 to 1 or ordering them-these are year 1 ojectives. many children can recite the numbers long before they really understand what they mean, so please dont worry about that.


We use the foundation guidance for all of our planning, but the NNS goes into more detail, so it is helpful to refer to for ideas. If the chidlren are ready to cope with year 1 maths, they will. If they are not ready, like some of our children, then they will need more support. In my experience as MACO, they had more problems with the structure and formality of the 'hour' than they did with the actual maths. So your year 1 teachers need to be aware of the FS guidance to help those children who are not yet ready for the year 1 curriculum.


hope that is of some help to you. :o

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Dear Jessica,

Mundia gives great advice, which I totally agree with. I currently work with children who are more than able to cope with the YR demands from the start - last year they didn't, and I adapted the plans to suit without a second thought - just passed on what we'd done to the Y1 teacher at the end of the year. However, & I know that you know your children best, I do think that introducing them to some counting beyond 10 may be quite good fun for some of them, and as Mundia says it's just counting that they need to try to master!!


Have fun, don't worry, & let us know how you get on!


Dianne xxx

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Hi Jessica,

not sure exactly which plans you are working from, but if you are using the framework termly plans I have just reverted to those having tried to block numercay and topics.

We have just started using Abacus, which is split into F1 & F2 and which I personally like as it ensures coverage. I mix and match from F1 & F2 to cope with the range of abilities and experiences and it is working well. You can access Abacus from Hamiltontrust or myprimary.co.uk

I do think NLS & FS are an easier match than NLS & FS! and my children are coping well with numbers to 20 and more. I always find counting in 10s & 2s difficult!!!



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