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Gtp .. Start In September 07.. Any One Else?!


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Hi there..



was accepted onto the GTP back in April! woo bIIIG change on its way! am currently a nursery nurse within the early years unit at the school where i have nominated to do my training..


all exciting times ahead im sure of ups and downs stresses and stains i am well aware!


was just wondering if there was any one else out there??!!


a few questions are popping up already .. along with the many others! feel a pain constantly ringing theuni but was wondering if anyone was aware of the'build up' structure of how the programme develops?? What am i expected to do and when?? my head teacher is trying to be a tad crafty and get me to fill a job share vacancy.... she has ticked a box and signed to the uni that i will not be filling vacancy! hmm but still v persistant!! feel so guilty but at the end of the day as everyone else is saying ive got to think of myslef.. had a meeting at the uni last night to get programme handbook and uni dates.. wooo its going to be a busy year ahead!


has anyone done the course in 2 terms??


all feedback and experiences would be great to hear :)


thanks :)

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Hi there Emma. You will find much is dependent on your DRB how they work as this varies so much from place to place.

It will be the most hectic year of your career, so please don't plan anyhting like exotic holidays weddings etc...you wont have time!

Im just wondering why you are doing the two term route, is it because you have lots of experiences in school already? But don't forget you will still need to do a second placement.

I would strongly advise you not to be a job share but to be supernumery. Our GTPs have always been the teacher but the drain on them as they have to do everything a class teacher does on top of all the training requirements. With so much time out of class its also unsettling for the children too. Plus you have to get experience across two phases so will need to be out a lot visiting other classes and other schools. The DRB should be able to fight the corner on that one, although at the end of the day it will be left to be the heads decision.


Your DRB should provide you a training plan which will outline what you are expected to do, and perhaps you have been asked to do an audit? You need to have identified a really sound mentor, one who isnt just going to be the Head and not have time for you and you need to have regular meeting with them. All of these things should be in place either before or right at the very start. Hopefully you will have opportunities to go on joint training with your mentor.


I am sure you will not be alone and there will be others following the same route.

I am in the process of writing guidance for meeting the new standards which you will be working towards (typically not even officially out yet). With any luck and a following wind they should be ready by the autumn so I hope they will be of some help to you.


In the meantime, Id actually consider enjoying your holiday, especially if you have family. Do some reading (the forum is the best place to start with that one!), get hold of a copy of the Bristol Guide, letters and sounds, the EYFS, FSP profile and you'll be well away.


Oh and buy folders by the shed full.


Oh and practice the skills tests online especially if you have any worries about them.. get them out of the way early on.

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Hi Emma,

I have just completed the GTP, like you prior to starting I was the Nursery Nurse in the same school.


For my training I worked with the year 1 class which we felt was fairer on me (wearing a different hat from NN) and for the new NN (as I had been there 9 years) and like Mundia says each area is different but I began by observing the teacher and taking groups of children to work with.


I had to be working up to teaching 20% of the timetable by the end of the term, this enabled me to work on my training audit (this was a comprehensive amount of tasks that were achieved my discussion and observations with different staff and schools) and observing a variety of teachers throughout the school. This was really only possible because I was supernumery.


The next term I had to be teaching up to 50% and I also went on my second placement (we had to do between 4 and 11 weeks) I chose to this in a block but some chose to do one day a week throughout the year again this will be a consideration if you are job sharing.


The third term I was teaching 80% every day except my training day.


I had three assignments to do, my portfolio and all planning for lessons I taught. If you decide to do it over two terms you will have the same amount of work just less time to do it in. You may miss some valuable traing sessions, that are in the third term.



We found the easist way to build up my teaching was to take an area of the curriculm plan, I began with history planned the MTP and ST and then delivered. I also taught one literacy and one numeracy lesson a week and gradually built up my teaching.


I would advise you and your mentor sitting down, after you have both attended your initial training and recieved and read your manual, and deciding what will work best for you.


I would also advise practising and taking QTS tests in the first term and taking a good rest over the holidays oh and you may as well throw away your duster you won't use it!!!


Despite it all I have enjoyed my year found it interesting and stimulating but it has been hard work and the last few weeks since my final assessment and now all I have to do is plan and teach is a breeze in comparison!!


Wow this is a long post hope it helps!


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