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When should we worry about persistent behaviour issues from a well-being point of view? What should we be curious about and what can we, as teachers, do to be supportive?
For those of us interested in such matters, the received wisdom is that the number of men actually working with young children as part of the Early Years workforce in England represents around 2% of the total. This figure, despite much hand-wringin…
It comes up on the FSF sufficiently often that I have begun to wonder if we, in early years, are perhaps looking for ‘an answer’ – the Next Step ‘Holy Grail’ as it were. Sensibly, we all know that there cannot be an answer, children are all different…
Recently I participated in a Step 3 complaints panel at Ofsted HQ. I had applied for the position a couple of months previously and had to show my credentials as an early years specialist before I was accepted as suitable. It is a voluntary role, how…