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Tapestry Newsletter November 2018



News in brief

  • Register update
  • Exhibitions 2019
  • Tapestry testimonials
  • Account IDs
  • Feature focus: User Permissions 


Hi Weavers,

We are delighted this month to let you know that we have been able to release our much-anticipated ‘Register’ feature to beta testers! This means it’s not currently available to everyone except a small group of users who are testing it and giving us any feedback they have about it. We aren’t taking on any more beta testers at the moment but if you’re interested in being of our second round of testing, please get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info

As ever, we will keep you updated with any progress we make with the Register through our monthly newsletters.

Exhibitions 2019

We are excited to announce that next year we will be exhibiting at two different education shows, Bett and Nursery World. 

We will be at the Bett show, which focuses on educational technology, from the 23rd-26th January at the Excel Centre in London. To book your attendance and for more information, you can check out their website.

Then, the weekend after we will be exhibiting at the Nursery World show in the Business Design Centre, London. This event specialises in the early years and childcare sector and will run on the 1st and 2nd February. Their website has all the details about the show and how you can book to attend. 

You can keep updated with information about the events, such as where our stands are, on our dedicated Twitter page. We would love the opportunity to meet some of you at either show!

Tapestry Testimonials

We're currently building a new Tapestry information website and we'd love your involvement. We thought it would be interesting for prospective customers to see some of our wonderful weavers talking about what they like about Tapestry, what they'd like to see next, and any experiences they wanted to share. So, if any of you would like to record short video clips (ten seconds to a minute is fine) and send them in, please get in touch. They don't need to be highly produced - the more natural the better; humour and wit will be welcomed, and selfies are fine! Little Tapestry goodies may be handed out as shameless bribes.

We've laid out the details of how to send your videos across to us in this forum post for those of you that are interested! 

Account IDs

This month we added the ability for managers to find their setting’s unique Tapestry account ID within the Control Panel. The picture below depicts where this can be found for reference. It's important for you to know where this information is on your account in case you contact our customer services as we may ask you to quote this.



Feature Focus: User Permissions 

In this month’s ‘Feature Focus’ we’re going to look at the User Permissions section. This allows managers to set what staff and relatives have permission to do and see from within their Tapestry accounts, for example whether users can approve their own observations.

You can set permissions to apply individually or to all staff/relatives. It’s important to remember with these that it’s not possible to set user permissions to apply to managers as they are always permitted to perform any of the actions you see on this screen. 

The User Permissions section can be found within the Control Panel and for more information about it you can look at our tutorials linked below. 

  1. Setting user permissions for staff
  2. Setting user permissions for relatives