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Tapestry Newsletter March 2019



News in brief

  • Tapestry is moving! 
  • New Features
  • Tapestry on Capterra
  • Safeguarding with relatives 
  • Purchase Orders and Tapestry


Hi Weavers,

We are very excited to announce that on Monday the 1st April we will be moving to our new offices, and no this isn’t an April fools, we promise! Because of this, it might mean that our responses to any customer emails might be slower than normal on this date, but we will try and get settled as soon as possible.

Our business address isn’t changing yet, so anyone wanting to pay an invoice by cheque can still send this to the address listed on your invoice. We will let you know when our business address does eventually change. 

Over the course of this month we’ve been able to add several new features as well as release an article which you can use to help you with relatives on your account; keep reading to find out more!

New Features

Ability to restore reports

The first new feature we were able to add this month was the ability for you to restore reports within 30 days of them being deleted. This was added to help in the event of any reports being mistakenly deleted from accounts. 

If you want to learn how to restore a deleted report, or just how to add one, you just need to follow this tutorial.

New User Permissions

We have also added two new user permissions to Tapestry; these allow you to set whether users (staff or relatives) can edit their own observations and whether staff members can edit observations created by other people. 

Please note that on the app version of Tapestry, unless you are using the beta Android or iOS app, the edit observation button might be shown or hidden at the wrong time. This is because the original apps have not been updated to support the new permissions, but the beta versions of them have been.

This post will explain this in more depth and link you to tutorials showing you how these permissions can be set on your account. 

Exporting accident forms for specific periods of time

After listening to customer feedback about the process of exporting accident forms added through the Care Diary, we’ve now changed this so you can export them for specific periods of time. This will allow you, for example, to download and save your accident forms on a weekly basis (or other periods of time) if you wish to.

This tutorial talks you through how to export accident forms from Tapestry, including how to do this for specific periods of time.

Tapestry on Capterra 

We have recently created a profile for Tapestry on Capterra, which is a website designed to help people software to suit their needs. As part of a profile, Capterra offers people the ability to review the software, so we would be extremely grateful to anyone who is willing to write us a quick and honest review. We think other practitioners looking for educational software to use in their provision would find it really helpful to hear what some of you, our users, have to say about Tapestry.

You could use the review to let us know what you like about Tapestry as well as what you’d like to see added. We can then use this to inform our planning of what to add to Tapestry!

If you would be willing (and nice enough!) to give us a quick review, you can find our profile page on Capterra here.

Safeguarding with relatives on Tapestry

To help you with the process of setting up relatives on your account, we have written an article which covers some of the different things related to data protection and safeguarding you might want to consider when doing this. You can find this here on the forum.

As well as using this article when setting up your relatives, we would also recommend reading it if you already have relatives set up, as it might bring up points you haven’t considered or features you didn’t know about. 

We hope you find it useful!

Purchase Orders for Tapestry 

We know many of you using Tapestry require a purchase order (PO) number to be included on an invoice in order for payment to be made. If you have an invoice that requires payment and you need to add a PO number to it, this can be done by logging in to your setting’s Foundation Stage Forum account and then following this tutorial

If you are unsure of your setting’s FSF login details, please contact us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info with your invoice and PO number and we can add it for you.

Feature Focus: Assessment Periods 

The assessment periods are an important part of Tapestry as most of the tracking screens that are available use the assessment periods to help calculate the data. For example, the screens you can use to see children’s progress, do this by comparing their assessments between different periods. You can follow this tutorial to check how you have the assessment periods on your account set up, but please note that if you change your periods during the year (rather than at the beginning), this might result in your summative assessments changing and any manually overridden assessments will most likely be moved to a new assessment period. 

The summative assessments on Tapestry were designed to show you where children are working on a per assessment period basis. They are worked out in slightly different ways for each framework, for instance for KS1/KS2 the assessments pull through terms but for EYFS they do not, so it’s worth looking in the ‘Tracking’ section on the main tutorials page for a tutorial that explains how the summative assessments for the framework you are using are calculated. It’s important to understand this as the summative assessments are used as the basis for most of the tracking screens. 

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