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Reports and 2 year progress checks

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Please note: You should save your work in reports regularly and then edit the report to carry on filling it in...the analogy of a word processor works here, where you have to keep saving your work at intervals in case the computer crashes or the power goes out!

Tapestry relies on login sessions to know who you are, and these will expire after an hour, or it is possible that a network blip could also void your login session.

If either of these happen, you will be presented with a login screen when you press 'save' and your work since the last save will be lost.

This tutorial will walk you through how to complete a report.

To find the reports section you will need to go to the 'Children' tab (1), look on the child's profile card and click on their name (2). Then from this drop-down list select 'Reports' (3).




After you have clicked on reports, you will be taken to the page shown below. If you have completed any for this child already, they will show up here.

To make a new report, click '+New Report' (1), to view the report history click on 'view history' (2), and click 'view reports for all children' (3) to access all of the reports in your account. 



When clicking on 'New Report', this takes you to a new reports page.

The report’s assessments are based upon the snapshot. If you have enabled the setting for including unapproved observations in your snapshot settings, then these will also be included in the report.


The information, which Tapestry already has, will be filled in, for example the average attainment levels for each area throughout the current period. This is based on the observations you have already made. You can however, change any of the values that have been automatically entered. If you change assessments here, these will not feed back into snapshots, rather you would also need to override the snapshot to make any changes.




Once you have begun to edit this page you will see tick boxes down the left hand side. These will allow you to select which fields you want to be part of the report. In order to make sure they show up on the saved report, please tick the boxes labelled 'Display this section'. If you do not want certain sections such as the child section to appear in the report, then you just need to untick the box.




You will be able to manually change all the information Tapestry automatically puts in if you are not happy with it.







You can also upload any relevant documents at the bottom of the page. These can only be word documents and text files.




Once you have finished, click 'Submit'.


You will then be taken to an overview of the page. From there you can either leave the reports section by clicking on any of the other tabs, or go back to that child's reports, by clicking the 'Reports' button. You can also print it from here in order to give the parents a copy.




If you'd like to view the report history for a child click on 'View History' within that specific child's report panel. 




After the report has been created you can either carry out single or bulk actions.

These actions include: locking a child's report(s) and prevent them from being edited,
allowing relative access,
disallowing relative access,
deleting reports.

To carry out a single action, you need to click on the cog along the line from the report. Then choose the appropriate action from the drop down list of options.



You may also carry actions out in bulk for a single child and their reports by ticking the relevant boxes (1) and selecting the appropriate option at the bottom of the page (2).


However you can also carry this out in bulk for all children who have reports by clicking 'View Reports for All Children'. This will take you to a list of all children and their reports.


You can now click on to view all reports for all children. Here you can either carry out a single action on a child's report or carry out bulk actions for multiple children and their reports.



When a report is saved and visible to relatives, they will be able to edit the relative's comments section but only view the rest of it. When it is locked, they will only be able to view the report, and not be able to add any comments.

When a report is locked as indicated by (1) you are still able to click the cog next to the report to allow or disallow parental access. In this example (2) indicates that this report is visible to parents and (3) indicates that in a locked state you can disallow the relatives access to the report. Once it has been disallowed, the eye icon (2) will disappear and the relative will no longer be able to view the report.



It is also worth noting that when a report is created - the report represents a locked snapshot display of the assessments up to the creation of the report. The report will not update once it has been made - regardless of the changes you make to the snapshot afterwards.

If you edit the report, The 'View Recent Obs' buttons however, do update with the changes you make to Tapestry and these will display the most recent observation regarding the aspect.



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