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Tapestry Newsletter July 2018



News in brief

  • New features
  • Downloading data for relatives
  • Webinars for the next academic year


Hi Weavers,

We hope those of you that have broken up for the summer holidays enjoy your time off! 

New Features

This month we've been able to release two great new additions to Tapestry; one to assist you with using the Care Diary and the other to help you with the process of downloading journals at the end of the year. 

The first new feature is a page tour of the Care Diary. This provides you with an overall explanation of the Care Diary, as well as a step-by-step walk through of all of the functions available within it. You can access the page tour by going to the Care Diary section; if you don't have this enabled, this tutorial will explain how you can do this. Once within the Care Diary section, you just need to click on the question mark button at the top of the page. Below you can see what the first step in the page tour looks like!




The other new feature we've added this month is the ability to see which users have downloaded a file you have exported. We added this feature after receiving feedback from customers that they would like to be able to see if parents have downloaded a copy of any files that have been exported for them. A manager on your account can see this information by going to the Control Panel -> Downloads. Under each file it will tell you if it has been downloaded, and if so, by whom. 

We hope you find these useful additions to Tapestry!

Downloading data for relatives

If a child is leaving your setting at the end of the academic year, a great feature available on Tapestry is the ability to export their learning journal for relatives, so they can download a copy of it from their own account. This tutorial explains how you can do this for relatives on your account. If any relatives need any assistance with downloading their child's learning journal, we have written this tutorial here to talk them through the whole process. Remember, when you export learning journals for relatives, they have 3 weeks in which they can download them from their account before they are deleted. This doesn't mean that a child's account is deleted though!

When you are exporting journals for relatives, it is important to note that videos are not included in the journal because of the PDF format the journals are exported in. What you can do though, to provide relative with a copy of the videos (and photos too if you wish) is to bulk export photos and videos for them to download. This will produce a ZIP file relatives can then download to save all the photos and videos. To do this you just need to follow this tutorial.

Webinars for the next academic year

We've just released the dates for our webinars in the Autumn term, next academic year! You can find the dates for all of them, information about what each webinar will cover and you can sign up to them from our Webinars section here on the forum. If you are not able to attend any that you would like to, remember to check out the webinar recordings section, as we always record our webinars so they are available to watch afterwards. You might also find a previous webinar recording which covers the topic you were interested in learning more about.

Reminder about invoices

We just wanted to remind you that all your Tapestry invoices are now available for a manager to download through your Tapestry account. They are accessible through the browser version of Tapestry by going to the Control Panel, then on the 'Overview' page, you just need to click where it says 'Download PDFs of your most recent invoices'. If you are paying an invoice by BACS, please remember to include your invoice number in the payment reference and to send a remittance advice to bacs@eyfs.info.

Edited by Emily