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  1. Thank you both for your replies. We have definite let got the ball rolling and seem a lot clearer on GDPR.
  2. Hello All, Firstly, Thank you so much to Rebecca and Lauren for all the work you have put in to make this crazy GDPR process easier for us clueless committee members. I have been trying to follow all the posts as much as I can, but I have a few queries, which may have been already asked and answered and i have missed. Our Pre-School is a Tiny pack-away setting, only 5 members on our committee of which 2 of them are the staff members! The other 3 family members are the Chairman, Treasurer and secretary! So any of the work needed to run the committee/financial side is done at our own homes away from Pre-School. At our recent committee meeting when discussing GDPR it was noted that the treasurer and the secretary have all the the parents Email addresses and the Treasurer has all the bank statements of the Pre-School which contain the account numbers and sort codes of the parents accounts. Is all this information ok to be at her home (Obviously if consent is obtained from parents) if it is stored in a lockable filing cabinet? Also, she sends out invoices to Parents via Email. How long should she keep the sent Emails in her sent box? It is sent via a Gmail account. Minutes of previous committee meetings and AGM's.... how long should we keep those? I am sure I had more questions than that.... i will think of them as soon as I have sent this! Thankfully OFSTED have just graded us GOOD.... so we haven't got an imminent inspection to worry about at the same time as GDPR! Many Thanks!