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  1. Thanks all - some of the hoops we have to jump through to satisfy the 'Big O' are laughable.
  2. its a question I'm asking myself at the moment as my staff just don't have enough time to complete learning journals within the session and we are a pack away setting with the hall being used by others when we aren't there. We complete the blurb in the profiles and targets online -, but key people do take home the journals to stick in observations and photos and colour highlight the tracker sheets once at term as a minimum. . The only information on these is their name and dob - there is no info about the parents or address. Do you need to get parental consent to say staff are taking journals home to work on? Should I be getting staff to complete a declaration about confidentiality & safe storage at home in addition to the confidentiality one they agree to at the start of employment, and should I be getting staff to log them in and out? Also my senco does take ISP's and SEND documentation home to update - this does contain a lot more information - any advice on how to get round this? Thanks