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  1. Hi all, I am wondering if anybody has a template of a job offer letter that they give to new members of staff? We have received to references, so I want to offer the job subject to dbs check. I am just stuck on what information I need to add as I have never had to recruit before (new to my current role as Playleader) Any tips or advice would be appreciated Many Thanks, Emma
  2. Extreme Weather Policy

    Thank you for your thoughts 👍😊
  3. Hi there, I am looking for some advice in producing an Extreme Weather Policy. We are situated in a hall and I have had a couple of parents approach us on opening the doors 15 minutes early to stand in the warm as it is so cold outside. This has also happened on rainy days. The parents in question take older siblings to a local school that open at 8.55, within 5 minutes they are at our setting and therefore wanting to come in. As much as I understand the parents concerns about waiting in the extreme cold/ rain it does of course have implications for us as a setting. We are a pack away setting therefore staff would not be with the parents and children in the lobby area, as we are setting up in the main hall. We have had a couple of incidents with parents (not currently at our setting) with disputes with each other in front of other parents waiting, making it very awkward for other parents. I feel I need some advice on a definition for parents clarifying an extreme weather policy that would be put in place in case we have to close etc, to what I feel the parent is really wanting as an early entry policy? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I of course want to keep parents happy but ensure the safe running of our setting and all children, staff and parents. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your lovely reply. That is great I will have a read through and see your ideas! Thanks again and hopefully speak again soon ?? Emma
  5. Hi everyone, We are very new to using tapestry and I am just wondering if I could have other peoples views/help/suggestions on how they use the next steps for children from tapestry onto planning sheets? We have a continuous planning sheet and I am trying to to think of new, simple ideas to link next steps and children's interests as well? I want to try and make the most out of tapestry rather than carrying on with mountains of paperwork if I am missing simple links. Thanks in advance.
  6. Emma-Beckie

    Hi, Our setting is new to using Tapestry. At the moment all staff log in and it is automatically set to log in as manager. How do I change this so staff log in as themselves?