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  1. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your lovely reply. That is great I will have a read through and see your ideas! Thanks again and hopefully speak again soon ?? Emma
  2. Hi everyone, We are very new to using tapestry and I am just wondering if I could have other peoples views/help/suggestions on how they use the next steps for children from tapestry onto planning sheets? We have a continuous planning sheet and I am trying to to think of new, simple ideas to link next steps and children's interests as well? I want to try and make the most out of tapestry rather than carrying on with mountains of paperwork if I am missing simple links. Thanks in advance.
  3. Emma-Beckie

    Hi, Our setting is new to using Tapestry. At the moment all staff log in and it is automatically set to log in as manager. How do I change this so staff log in as themselves?