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  1. Hi I am one of the forum 'lurkers' as in I read a lot but don't always post but I feel quite strongly about this subject as my own daughter suffered mental health issues many of which were triggered by events through her schooling, bullying and pressures of targets and outcomes. It is so important to be on the look out and I really enjoyed the article you posted before about well being, this one Thanks for raising the issue and making us take a moment to think about ourselves as well as the children in our care. Thingy
  2. Will you delete my data?

    Phew that's a relief. Thanks very much
  3. Hi I am panicking as I have realised I have not yet paid my Tapestry invoice and it expires today ..... the cheque is in the post ...but someone said if the account expires then you will delete my data Please please say this is not true
  4. Cait Thanks for the link, found this bit very helpful reading; Perhaps the most misleading, and frequently repeated, claim is that becoming an academy allows schools to "escape local authority control". This is ridiculous because local councils no longer have "control" of schools. Successive reforms over the past two decades have given all schools much greater autonomy. Town halls no longer determine how schools spend their money, what or how they teach, or how they are held accountable. Schools are constrained in many ways. But these constraints come from national government or national bodies, be it the national curriculum, national tests, Ofsted, or government legislation on issues such as safeguarding or Every Child Matters. Local education authorities are a pale shadow of their former selves. Their last remaining influence is in the provision of school places, organisation of the school admissions process, and as the stretcher-bearers when schools fail. So will taking the school away form the LA help really?
  5. That's interesting, you have become an academy by virtue of the secondary school - have I understood that correctly? Does that mean that people may assume that your primary school was failing when it wasn't?
  6. Hello all I am thinking I am really missing something here with Mr Goves latest suggestions. Here is a link to the BBC piece Worst-performing primaries in England become academies The sentence that I don't understand is; The new academies, taken out of local authority control, will be run by more successful local schools. What if the more successful school is run by the same LA thus suggesting it is the school management that is failing and not the LA. If the school is run by another LA does the failing school then get access to the advisory staff and training offered by the LA thus stretching their probably already limited funds even thinner. It must be really demoralising if you are in a struggling school and now you have the worry of a new management coming in and taking over, of course that could make things better for all concerned but if you are a teacher whose group is failing for an assortment of social & economic factors and not your professional skills it would be a very stressful transition. Of course it goes without saying that bad management and poor teachers need identifying and removing but how easy is that in practise. I would love to hear from people who have experience of how these academies have worked in secondary schools as Mr Gove said academy status was "a tried and tested way" of getting the right head teacher in place to turn a school around. I don't know any parents or children affected so don't know if this claim is accurate. What does anyone else think? Thingy
  7. There is a new Parents report on PRAMS according to this post http://www.foundation-stage.info/forums/in...showtopic=29547 Maybe too late for this year but maybe next?