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  1. Tapestry Demonstration (EYFS) - 6th March 2018

    How long do these sessions last?
  2. 2 years funded child

    Hi, I wanted to ask about funded 2 year old children. Do you know if a setting hasn't got a rating yet can they still take funded 2 year olds? Thank you in advance
  3. Toy and equipment lists

    That's a great idea. Thanks guys
  4. Toy and equipment lists

    Great idea I love to share the tasks! Lol I will do thank you
  5. Toy and equipment lists

    Brilliant that sounds great. Will talk to my directors about the insurance part and organise the rest. Thanks again
  6. Toy and equipment lists

    Okay so I can't avoid it!! Thank you so much for you advice. I will stick this on my action plan to do, with the other 101 things!! Lol. Thank you
  7. Toy and equipment lists

    Oh okay, I never saw it that way! Thank you. Was thinking it's good for when cleaning or generally keeping tabs on what toys and equipment we have. Thank you for your response.
  8. Is it important to write toy and equipment list for your nursery setting? Does anyone do this and if so could you give me some examples if possible. Thanks in advance.
  9. Would like our nursery to have links with children's centres or healthvisitor? How do we go about it?
  10. Action plans/Self evaluation

    Great thank you so much. That's helped me a lot. I have been out of childcare for 10 years, so it's taking me time to adjust. Thanks again for your help Good evening
  11. Action plans/Self evaluation

    Thank you so much. So for a main heading we could write staff training and then include supervisions to be planned, meetings, training etc Then another heading could be fundraising and then plans to achieve different aspects of this topic? Thanks in advance
  12. Action plans/Self evaluation

    Hi please can anyone show me how to do action plans for a early years setting. How do you present it? Which headings do you have? Thank you?