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  1. Very quick question...looking at setting up a website for our setting. A parent (non committee member) has offered to do this using "some old wix sites he has spare". He does not do this sort of thing for a living. While grateful for the cost saving instinct tells me old sites could have been used for some other purpose in the dim and distant past, also I am insisting he gets DBS as committee member before I give the go ahead. Any thoughts or suggestions please...?
  2. Updating policies with staff etc and facebook has popped up again. There are rules for staff and committee but non for parents making comments about the setting or the people associated with it. The policies are an agreement between all concerned and I have been asked to include a clause preventing parents from putting bad comments out to the public without at least contacting the setting first to see if the problem can be sorted "locally". Just asking for other folks views and if the request is allowed legally!!!