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  1. Nursery systems

    We got connect in August and seem to finally be getting my head around it. It semi-automatically reconciles the invoices so that’s a feature I found useful when looking at others on the market. I think the problem is with this sort of thing is that once you’ve bought it you have nothing to compare it to because you’ve bought into one system. I call them sometimes daily still with teething issues and user related errors and they are always very helpful and sort out my questions. It is so much better than the spreadsheets we had and will allow us to plan for our future much easier. We’ve only been open 9 months so we just outgrew our spreadsheet!
  2. Picket Fencing

    Thanks all for your replies. I feel quite torn on free-standing vs. permanant. Obviously free-standing has the advantage that it's movable and less permanant, however does anyone have any thoughts on the negatives of the feet element of free-standing? I am concerned that they may cause a trip hazard, and how sturdy are they when children bash into them, or for example when a baby pulls himself/herself up on one of them? I never knew picket fencing could cause me such a headache!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi everyone, I wondered if I can pick your brains! Wanting to use picket fences as internal room dividers, but cannot seem to find any that are rustic wood looking. If people have this type of thing, where did you get it from please? Thanks, Victoria
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum and have got a lot from just reading older posts and comments, so thank you! I am in the process of starting a nursery in a barn we are converting, but I'd really appreciate some advice in terms of flooring. For the messy areas we will go for a non-slip durable vinyl, but the other areas will be carpeted. Initially I was thinking carpet tiles, seems logical because you can replace if there are any bad spillages. However upon inspection in the flooring showroom, I felt they all looked too commerical and not homely enough. The other options are to go for a contract carpet that I assume would be more durable than a domestic type carpet, or go for traditional underlay and carpet like we all have in our homes. What would people advise? I want to make it as homely as possible whilst making it practical. I certainly don't want to have to replace in a couple of years. Thank you!