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  1. GDPR and downloads

    Well because there will be other children in the pictures. Our school advisor has said that because the parents will be keeping the learning journal as a download, it is no longer GDPR compliant.
  2. GDPR and downloads

    Is there any problem when allowing parents to download learning journals at the end of the school year? Will it be GDPR compliant?
  3. GDPR child transfers

    Thank you x
  4. GDPR child transfers

    How do we stand regarding GDPR and a child transferring to a new setting? Their account and learning journal can be transferred to the new setting but I am wondering if that is GDPR compliant?
  5. GDPR

    Is there parental permission letter purely for Tapestry use? Apologies if this has been covered before
  6. Parental forms

    Hi, I am an Early Years teacher in a primary school and have been asked to send out letters to all our parents asking for their parental permission to use Tapestry. We have all the permissions in place from September 2017 but the school wants them updated to comply with GDPR. I've had a look in the library section but there doesn't seem to be this in place. I don't need an enrolment letter or a privacy one as this has all been dealt with by the school admin. Thank you