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  1. GDPR Email Encryption

    Thanks Tim and Sparklers17 you've both provided some very clear and helpful comments. Feeling better informed now.
  2. GDPR Email Encryption

    Thanks. Some of our LA also use egress but yes if we wanted to use it other than to reply we would have to pay £80 a year. My understanding is the same about Google that it is encrypted during transit but like you I'm not sure it's enough.
  3. GDPR Email Encryption

    Hi My understanding of the GDPR is that any information that is shared has to be done so securely. So what about emails. We occasionally send queries to funding about children which may include their name and DOB - personal data. So I believe we could only do this if we send it encrypted. Does anyone have any easy solutions to encrypting emails? We use a Google email account and so far I am struggling to understand how to encrypt. Can anyone offer any advice? With thanks