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  1. Changing to Tapestry

    Hi there, I think we are currently in contact with you by email. If not please send a support ticket to customer.service@eyfs.info and we will be happy to assist you. It's not possible to do a direct import of data from other systems like Babysdays, but you can import basic child information (name and date of birth) into Tapestry via a CSV document. You can also backdate any observations you want to create in Tapestry, to recreate any observations made using another system. Best wishes, Joe
  2. Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum! It's great that you are liking Tapestry so far, if you have any particular questions don't forget you can email our product support team tapestry.support@eyfs.info and we will be more than happy to help. I am sure that there will be some users along soon who will tell you how they are using Tapestry in their setting to acheive the planning, observation and assessment outcomes you are asking about.
  3. I have replied Naomilittlestars, please email us if you need anything else.
  4. HI Naomilittlestars, Welcome to the forum! We're not sure why you would still have the old version, but we can take a look for you. I have setup a support ticket for you, so please could you reply to the email I have just sent? Best wishes, Joe
  5. Hi Womble, The feature is still in development, but I have added you to the list of people to contact when we have further announcements. If any other users would like to be contacted about this, please reply as such to this thread, and we will review the thread when this is ready, or alternatively send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info.
  6. Uploading Photos

    Hi Julie, Just to let you know, we have replied to the email you sent us about this issue. At the moment in Tapestry, all photos and videos are directly uploaded to the observation they were added with, and are only visible by viewing that particular observation. So what this means is there is no central gallery for all your staff members to pick a photo from. You'd either have to set up your own shared network or cloud storage system for that, or have it saved on one particular computer or tablet device you own. As you mention you could improvise something in Tapestry, uploading photos to an observation for a fake child that all your staff can see. Your staff would then have to download those photos from Tapestry to their devices, and upload them again to the observation they wanted to use the photo with. This would be quite time consuming, and may present a safeguarding risk if you have multiple downloaded copies of photos on different devices, and no real way of managing them. We'd recommend instead you setup a shared storage system that your staff can access, and all photos are uploaded there for staff to access on any device. Alternatively you could connect your tablets to your laptops via usb and transfer the photos that way. Please let me know if you need any further assistance, though for the quickest response please send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info Best wishes, Joe
  7. Version 1.2


    This document shows how relatives can download their child's learning journal through Tapestry, and download a Zip folder of all the photos and videos uploaded to Tapestry.
  8. This tutorial will explain, step by step, how you can restore a staff profile that has been made inactive or is awaiting deletion. We will explain how to do this for one staff at a time and various members of staff in bulk. If you are unsure about what status the staff profile is in - either inactive or awaiting deletion - I will show you how to find this out a bit further down. Please note that if the account was marked as awaiting deletion over 90 days ago, the account will not be retrievable. However, first of all, let me take you to the corresponding screen for either case: go to Control panel, and then click on 'manage staff'. Once here, go to filter & sort staff in order to filter the displayed list for 'inactive' or 'awaiting deletion' profiles. You will then have to change the 'status' to either 'inactive' or 'awaiting deletion' and then press 'submit'. If you already know the account's status - this is, if they are either 'inactive' or 'awaiting deletion' -, you can filter accordingly straight away. If you do not, you will have to filter through one status first and check if you can find their profile there. If you do not see the name appear there, you will have to change the filters to the other status, and check the list again. 1) How to reactivate inactive/awaiting deletion staff members one at a time. For inactive profiles, you can either search through the list or type the staff member's name or email address in the search bar (1). Once found, click on the cog (2) and then select 'make active' (3). Please note that you'd only be able to search through a staff member's email address if they were set up as full staff members before they were made inactive or marked for deletion. PIN only members will not have any email addresses linked to their profiles. You can learn more about staff types here. For awaiting deletion profiles this works exactly the same - you will only need to make sure that the filters are set up for this type of account status. 2) How to reactivate inactive/awaiting deletion profiles in bulk. To bulk reactivate inactive accounts, please filter through your manage staff list by 'inactive' accounts (1) and tick the boxes (2) of those profiles you'd like to reactive. Then, from the drop down menu, select 'make active' (3) and press 'go' (4). You will then be able to choose between making active or doing nothing: Once active, staff members will be able to login to their account again using their original login details. If they do not remember their password staff members will be able to request a reset password email by going to https://tapestryjournal.com/, clicking on 'having trouble logging in?' and following the instructions. To bulk reactivate awaiting deletion staff members, please filter your staff through 'awaiting deletion' (1), tick the boxes by the corresponding profiles (2), select 'restore' on the drop down menu that will pop up at the bottom of the screen (3) and click on 'go' (4). The reason why you should select 'restore' instead of 'make active' is because you will not be able to 'make active' those profiles that were not active to begin with. I will go into more detail on this further down the tutorial. You'll be taken to a page that will give you the options to restore to active, inactive, not activated or do nothing. As mentioned before, the restoration options will depend on the account status each profile held before they were made inactive or marked for deletion: For accounts that were active: You will be given the option to either restore to active or to inactive. This is entirely up to you and will depend on whether you prefer the staff member to have access straight after you have restored their account or not. If you restore them to active, staff members will be able to login to their account again using their original login details. If they do not remember their staff members will be able to request a reset password email by following the instructions given further up in this tutorial. If you restore them to inactive, staff members will not be able to access their account or request a reset password email until you have reactivated their account following the steps indicated above. For accounts that were activating or not activated: You will be given the option to either do nothing or restore them to not activated. Please note that activating profiles are those for which you had initiated the activation process by sending and activation email but were marked for deletion before the staff member had the chance to follow up the activation link and activate their account. Not activated accounts are those profiles that had been added to the Tapestry account, but for which the activation process was not initiated before marked for deletion. Please, find more information on account status here. Once the selected staff have been restored to 'not activated', you will be able to retry their activation by going to control panel > manage staff > filter & sort > changing the status to 'not activated' (1) > selecting those staff members you'd like to send an activation email to (2) > clicking on retry activation on the drop down menu (3) > go (4). You will then be asked whether you'd like to 'do nothing' or 'send (activation) email'. Once you are happy with your choice, please click on 'send activation email'. This will change their status to activating. An email containing and activation link will be issued to the staff members' email addresses (please make sure these are correct before initiating the bulk reactivation process) so staff can set themselves up with a password of their choice and gain access to Tapestry. Please note that activation emails are only valid for 30 days, and that these might end up on the spam/junk folder, so do advise your staff of the email having been issued. If staff members do not activate their accounts on time you will be notified of this and you can retry their activation again by following the same steps as indicated above. Please note that if this happens the accounts will change to not activated, so you will have to filter through this status. I hope this was all clear - however, if you still have any doubts or queries, please do contact us on customer.service@eyfs.info Go back to Main Tutorials Page
  9. Hopefully you might find this useful http://www.communityplaythings.co.uk/utility/maintenance
  10. USB sticks

    Hi Gill, This would depend quite a bit on the size of photos you uploaded to Tapestry in the first place. 200 small photos would be significantly different to 200 high resolution photos. If you export all your learning journals first, you can check each file size by right clicking on the file and selecting 'properties'. You could check every file, or just take a representative sample, and then you should know exactly what size of storage device you will need. As an alternative to giving away or lending CD's or usb sticks you can also allow parents to download journals themselves for a one week period: Downloading journals to PDF If you need any further advice on this, please send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info and we'd be happy to assist. Best wishes, Joe
  11. iPad Child List

    Hi there, We don't currently have page filters on the Tapestry app (we are working on adding those in a future version of the app). What we recommend is that you setup 'Key Children' so staff only see the children relevant to them when using the app version of Tapestry. Please see these tutorials: Adding key children to staff Changing between viewing all children and key children If you have any further questions please send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info, and we'll be happy to assist you. Best wishes, Joe
  12. When you export a child's journal as a PDF you now have the option to exclude observations created by relatives from the export. Relative observations are included by default, so untick the following option when setting the export settings: Observation Authors Include observations created by relatives
  13. Comments made by relatives and members of staff are now included when you export a single observation through Tapestry. When you select the 'export' button when viewing an observation, you will see an option to include comments with the export. It's ticked by default, so untick this if you don't want to include the comments. Likes are not recorded in the export.
  14. It's now possible to download a PDF copy of the age band tracker information from Tapestry. Just select 'group view' (below the age band tracker icon) in the snapshots tab to open the age band tracker, and then you should see a 'PDF' button below the filtering options. Click this to export the data as a PDF, which can then be printed.
  15. If you are registered as a parent and relative user on Tapestry and are unable to login, please follow these steps in order. Hopefully they will help you to regain access to your account but if not they will direct you to the best place to go for further assistance. If you are a member of staff on Tapestry please use this separate guide as you need to follow slightly different steps. Please try these options on the browser version of Tapestry to begin with at https://tapestryjournal.com/. 1) If you get the message ‘Login details correct, but account not active’ please contact your child's school or nursery for assistance. 2) If you get a message saying that Tapestry 'Could not find an active account with the email address and password you entered' and you don’t know your Tapestry password or PIN, please generate yourself a password reset email here. Please note that you can still do this even if you have not received the initial setup email for Tapestry. If you are not sure which email address your username is please contact your child's school or nursery for assistance. 3) If you think you know the email address and password that you are set up with on Tapestry, but are still getting that error message, please check that you are entering your username and password correctly, bearing in mind that passwords are case sensitive, and check your browser is not automatically inputting incorrect saved details. If this does not help, please try resetting your password. 4) If you have not received a password reset email after requesting one, please check your spam folder and add noreply@tapestryjournal.com to your contacts or anti-spam whitelist. If emails still won’t come through, please contact your child's school, nursery, or childminder to check you are registered under the correct email address. 5) Are you a Gmail user? Please note that while @gmail.com and @googlemail.com (and other variations) are the same email address, only one version will work for your Tapestry login, please ask your child's school, nursery, or childminder to check which version you are registered on Tapestry with. 6) Check to see if you can access Tapestry on a different device. If there is only an issue on one device, please check to see whether you are able to access other websites on it. If you are unable to, please check that you are connected to the internet. 7) If Tapestry is the only website you are having issues connecting to and it is on all devices, please contact your child's school, nursery, or childminder for further assistance. They will be able to check that you have been set up correctly.