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  1. Nursery practioner - Torquay

    Vacancy Group Leader 0-2's to cover maternity leave May 2016 - February 2017 full time Vacancy Room responsibility 1-2's full time Person specification attached for further details please contact jan@hatfield-nursery.com 01803 316611 Person Specification Grade 3.docx
  2. Hi Following a downgrading to RI inspection in June '15, and having had a complaint about it upheld by Ofsted and everything that entailed, plus our local EY's saying we should challenge Ofsted on our next inspection( I will not do this of course!) has anyone any advice about how these inspections go after a downgrade ? I expect the inspection anytime in the 11th month as it was an admin issue rather than child/practice is this sounding about right ? Thanks.
  3. Ofsted requires improvement for pre school

    Just to update, we had an apology from Ofsted. Investigating inspector was professional. Some changes made to report. Still have an outstanding issue so it's in the next stage process . Here's hoping common sense and transparency wins the day! Other managers I've met with concerned about inconsistency, especially as a nearby setting also got RI a few weeks ago and were shocked by this. If funding is stopped to RI settings does this help move 2 year olds to school sites?? -
  4. Ofsted requires improvement for pre school

    Thank you, for the kind words. We are a good team we will bounce back, I would say that our problem was a staff member had 2 children with her and the inspector, and at that time a child emptied some crayons and the other child picked up another child's cup, so we were told the staff could not attend to both their needs at once and it left staff open to allegations being on her own. The manager and I were outside the room thinking it would be overkill for one of us to be in the room as well, plus the second staff was due back from the bathroom with a child. Having just started tapestry I couldn't pull everything I wanted up quickly enough (nervous!) although staff did so brilliantly(much more computer savvy and quicker than me on the day!) So this was raised as registered person not having info to hand & ready. My previous audits of monitoring gaps in learning etc were not going to convince this inspector. How ever overall the staff probably had the best inspection feedback on their practice ?! Hope this helps anyone else.
  5. Ofsted requires improvement for pre school

    First time I've gone down a grade to RI, fortunately simple to rectify, although I disagree and have been liaising almost daily with Tribal and Ofsted, but they published without showing me! I was told it was sent to a different address and I did not get an email copy either. So my appeal time passed, Ofsted good enough to say I can though. I feel so bruised.