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  1. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    I'm not sure if you have QTS you can teach any age range. I am qualified through my PGCE to teach 3-11 (because my PGCE had early years as a specialism) however, I couldn't teach at secondary because my degree is in Business (unless Business was offered as an option) and for secondary teaching your degree must relate to what you are teaching. Ie if you are an English teacher your degree must be in English etc. I agree, it would be ridiculous to send a secondary teacher to cover early years unless they had some early years experience or expertise but the framework does give QTS as the standard, it should be specific.
  2. I have just taken a look at my children and the thoroughness of observations for the Autumn1 period. At the bottom of the screen there is an option to take a look at a chart depicting this information but I cannot work out what it is actually telling me as there is no key and every time I think I have come up with the answer, when working it back with the tabulated data, find it doesn't seem to make sense. It is made up of shaded circles of varying darkness covering numbers of observations up the side and the aspect of learning across the bottom. Can anyone explain what this chart means? Many thanks.