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  1. What's your take on this?

    Early years carers have a legal obligation under the early years foundation stage to meet the needs of early years children...whatever setting they attend. ...the 7 learning areas are enshrined in the care part of the EYFS. ...I agree they need to be following the EYFS if they accept children aged 5 and under they need to be planning activities suitable for them to do.
  2. Snails

    Hi Funnily enough, I've just signed on to trawl the internet to update my snail planning. There's a lovely book called Archie's snail, that a boy finds and takes inside...it escapes and travels around the room, in and out, over and under. We've also used Matisse "The Snail" as a starting point. It's interesting to see who thinks they can see the snail or otherwise. Talking about spirals....you could set up a technology experiment to make a spiral, using sand or a felt tip pen, swinging pendulum style Paper plate snails are great too. I've got a heap more stuff.....if only I could find my file! Berry.M