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  1. I know its only January but transition is on my mind because as a school we are moving to the model of the children moving up to their new year group for the last 2 wks of the year. In reception we normally do a parent and child lunch and then the children stay for the afternoon, then one full day in school. The majority of the new starters attend our nursery so are familiar with school. Any new ideas would be grateful.
  2. I have just had the same from my head. Apparently if they are 2 they should reach ARE in y2 and if a 3, mastery in yr 6. Have tried to find how they correlate.
  3. Ratios

    Thank you mixed ratios guide. This will clear up confusion in the setting.
  4. Ratios

    That would be very helpful x
  5. Ratios

    Help, We are having issues with ratios. Is it Ok to mix ratios? For example if you had 10 3 year old and 5 2 yr olds you need 3 staff. In this scenario 2 of the 3 year olds can br counted in the 2 year old ratio. Is this right?