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  1. Thank you all for the comments, confirmed what I was already thinking. i am waiting for a reply from our LA and have put our safeguarding procedures into place.
  2. Hello there, i am new to posting so hope so I hope I'm in the right place. i would appreciate any comments and advice. we are a preschool term time, and have a funded child who started with us this term. the attendance of the child is very poor 5 sessions to date( we are all ways notified of the absence illness, sisters birthday, mothers medical appointments etc) my concern is we are claiming funding for a child who is not attending, we had the mother in for a meeting re all of this and she has announced that she suffers from a list of mental health issues, and one of which is aggrahphobia. has anyone had this issue and what was the answer from the local authority regarding the continued absence and funding the child? i hope this makes sense it's been along day! Many thanks oldbear