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  1. What do you select?

    Thank you - all very helpful
  2. Hi all, We use Tapestry and love it - just wondering when all you folks that also use tapestry add an observation, when you select outcomes do you look at all outcomes and select any that apply or just the main one than you may be looking to evidence? For example if a child was exploring a pop up toy, would you merely select the physical aspect or would you look at PSED, CL (if babbling, making sounds) etc. Curious!!!
  3. Reserving places

    Thanks Rafa that's exactly what we have done!
  4. Reserving places

    Hi All Just wondered how you go about saving places in your settings? An example of the issue we are encountering is: Baby place reserved in Feb for 3 days per week to start in September for which a £50 deposit is charged that is then reimbursed on first invoice. However parent has contacted to say that they now do not want the place until Jan 2018 meaning that the place has been left open for almost a year. We do charge a four week notice period for any changes to start dates but in short this means we have turned other children away from September for a place that we are now unable to charge for until Jan 18. Curious as to how others overcome this?
  5. Food Hygiene

    Can I ask if other settings pay for their staff to be trained in food hygiene via external courses or do you send core members of staff who then disseminate the training to other members of staff via in-house training? Thank you in advance!
  6. Summative assessments

    Thank you so much
  7. Hi Please can anyone help? We have set up our Tapestry account can anyone advise if each key person is able to see a summative overview on their tablets or can this only be done via the administrator?